About the Green Screen Podcast

Green Screen is the environmental movie podcast, where co-hosts Sean Munger and Cody Climer watch, review and analyze popular movies about the environment, involving environmental themes, or which significantly involve nature. What do movies have to say about issues like pollution, species conservation, climate change, urbanization, or the relationship of humans to their environment? We aim to examine these themes, film by film, in a fun and entertaining way, and we’re not afraid to bring it down to the nerdy level–we are, after all, film buffs!

The Hosts

Sean Munger has a Ph.D. in environmental history and works as a consultant and speaker on issues involving climate change, especially its history. He is also a noted historian and author. His other podcast, Second Decade, examines the history of the 1810s (the second decade of the 19th century) and heavily features themes of environmental history. Sean is the author of the recent book The Warmest Tide: How Climate Change is Changing History. He is also a novelist, having written the books Jake’s 88The Valley of Forever and Hotel Himalaya: Three Travel Romances.

Sean’s Letterboxd

Sean’s Main Website

Cody Climer is a movie enthusiast and general nerd. He spends his days telling people to turn their computers off and on again.

Cody’s Letterboxd

2 thoughts on “About the Green Screen Podcast

  1. I enjoyed your discussion of China Syndrome and its relation to TMI. I am very familiar with TMI, I live in Reading PA and since I was born in 1950, I was certainly aware of the situation.
    A few things. Jack Lemmon is a very good actor. I would add to his memorable performances his role in Days of Wine and Roses playing an alcoholic.
    Jane Fonda was not the only beautiful young actress Roger Vadim was asociated with. He married Brigitte Bardot when she was 18 and directed her in And God Created Woman. They were married for 3 years, he moved on to a 20 year old Catherine Deneuve, before he then moved in with Jane.
    Keep it up
    Phil Pomerantz

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Phil, thank you so much! You are our first-ever comment! Glad you’re enjoying the series.

      Absolutely right on Jack Lemmon. I can’t think of a bad role that he did. Even movies with less than stellar material (“The Out of Towners”) he was totally great in.

      Hope you enjoy future episodes. We’re just getting going, so bear with us!


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