Episode 53: The Martian

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What, they’re still not back from Mars? Sean and Cody are on number two of a double-header (with last episode) as they take on Ridley Scott’s popular 2015 science fiction drama. In The Martian, plucky and somewhat jerky botanist astronaut Mark Watney (Matt Damon) gets the Home Alone treatment as his shipmates accidentally leave him behind on Mars. It’ll be four years until anyone from Earth can rescue him and he’s only got 68 packets of potatoes and some freeze-dried poop. Wait, wasn’t that the plot of the last film on the show? That’s not a coincidence. Environmental issues discussed include the scientific and environmental accuracy of this film, radiation exposure for astronauts, Mars’s toxic soil, and various schemes and scams involving real-life proposed trips to the fourth rock from the sun.

Why do we keep changing our minds on whether liquid water exists on Mars or not? Are dust storms on Mars as epic as the way they’re portrayed in this film? Why is growing anything in Martian soil a challenge at best, and a suicide mission at worst? Given the amount of radiation and cosmic ray exposure that astronauts in space and on Mars would receive over the course of a mission, would a realistic sequel to this film necessarily be The Martian 2: Watney Dies of Leukemia? What was Mars One and why was it a scam? Why is the idea of putting Libertarians in space alarmingly dangerous? What do all those different kinds of producers listed in a film’s credits actually do? Why do so many movies involve rescuing Matt Damon as their plot premise? All these questions and more are sprouting from the rusty soil ready to be picked in this adventurous episode of Green Screen.

Original 2015 trailer for The Martian.
In the thrilling opening sequence of The Martian, the crew of the Ares III flight are going about their business when a dust storm suddenly changes the parameters of the mission…and proves disastrous for Watney (Matt Damon).
Mission controllers from Earth make the discovery that Watney is still alive. “What is he thinking up there?” The music is actually awesome!
“Fortunately, I know the recipe!” Watney manufactures water on Mars and makes do with what he has to plant enough food for him to survive.
Earth’s eggheads including Rich (Donald Glover) and NASA head Teddy (Jeff Daniels) come up with a daring plan to rescue Watney…using a stapler?

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The famous Apple Macintosh commercial from January 1984, directed by Ridley Scott. This is possibly the most famous TV commercial of all time.

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Where you can find The Martian: https://www.justwatch.com/us/movie/the-martian

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Next Movie Up: Dr. Zhivago (1965)

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