Episode 39: The Clip Show

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Sean and Cody need a bit of a break! To give them a breather and time to prepare for the “L.A. Trilogy,” we humbly ask you to indulge them with this clip show and retrospective that looks back on the 38 previous episodes of Green Screen, the first such pause in the show’s entire history. In this episode we’ll list our most interesting and surprising environmental history issues, the places and environments we’ve discussed, favorite moments from the show, the most revealing cinema and movie-related discoveries, our favorite “That Guys,” and more. This will also mark the transition (we guess?) between Seasons 1 and 2 of Green Screen.

Remember that spider that interrupted the recording of the Tremors episode? Did you know, contrary to the premise of Star Trek IV, that humpback whales are in fact not endangered? Of the seven guests who have appeared on Green Screen, which one won an award from a prestigious society of international historians? What were the most fun movies to watch for the show? Who were Sean and Cody’s favorite “That Guys”? What finally pushed them over the edge to trash the show’s former nonsensical movie ratings system? Exactly how long did it take to explain the plot of Holes? Which director of a movie covered on the show corresponded with our hosts via email? Who is the secret mystery guest coming up for Episode 41? All these questions and more are re-revisited in this nostalgic episode of Green Screen.

Original 2020 trailer for Green Screen.

Additional Materials About This Episode

Environmental History Issues

Most of the retrospective material in this episode is audio and thus contained within. Here we’ll reproduce a few of the visual aids that relate to issues discussed in the episode. They all appeared originally on the web sites for their related episodes.

melbourne dust 1983 2

Melbourne about to be consumed by a dust storm of Biblical proportions, February 1983. This was discussed in the Mad Max: Fury Road episode.

hejaz railway debris

Remnants of trains, blown up in 1917 by T.E. Lawrence in what is now Saudi Arabia, are still visible on Google Maps, and here they are. This was discussed in the Lawrence of Arabia episode.

NYT nazi surfers photograph

The Endlösung Summer? This photograph of “Nazi surfers,” published in Life magazine in 1966, was proof positive of the unlikely relationship between SoCal surfers and white supremacists, as explained by Elsa Devienne in the Point Break episode.

Movie Stuff:

Here is the side-by-side comparison of Sam’s death scene from Holes and the execution of Fredo from The Godfather, Part II. The audio is in the Holes episode and revisited here, but the video makes it even more stark.
Nerdist’s deconstruction of the “framing the housekeeper” montage from Parasite, referenced in this episode.

mosquito coast screenshot 10

The “Ninja chainsaws” gag from The Mosquito Coast, which took Sean down a rabbit hole. Referenced in this episode.

dogtown lipstick cam

The “lipstick camera” used in filming the skateboard sequences in Lords of Dogtown.

Next Movie Up: Chinatown (1974)

Copyrights for any images (if applicable) are available on the pages of the original episodes with which they are associated. We are not the uploader of any YouTube clips embedded here.

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